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Uniklave Dental Autoclave, Surgical Autoclaves Exports, Medical Autoclaves, Autoclave Equipment Manufacturer, Autoclaves Equipment Manufacturer, India


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Bench type vertical autoclave. SUITABLE FOR CLINICS & NURSING HOMES
  Compact, easy to operate without any hassles.
Fully automatic, Electronic controlled with programmable integrated circuit chip.
Overall Size:  
 Length :  39 X 35.5 X 29.5 cm
 Power Consumption :  1 K. watt, 220v / 50 hz
 Capacity :  10 Ltr. Dia 22 cm Depth 26.7 cm
 Cycle time :  18 Minute at 121°C, & 15 P.S.I
 Sterilization Drum of 8 " X 8 "
Uniklave Mini Portable Autoclave 10 Ltrs
Uniklave Dental Autoclaves, Medical Portable Autoclaves, Autoclaves Portable,
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