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Autoclaves Aluminium Portable, Autoclaves Portable Supplier, Pressure Autoclave Supply, Hospital Autoclave Equipment, Autoclaves Equipment Manufacturer, India
  Autoclave Aluminium Portable, Hospital Autoclaves Portable, Pressure Autoclave Supply, Surgical Autoclave Equipments, Hospital Autoclave Equipment, Autoclaves Equipment Manufacturer,


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Seamless Construction from Extra Thick Aluminium Sheet for Extra Safety & Durability.
Anti-Bulging Lid for Additional Strength.
Food Grade Synthetic Rubber Gasket as per IS:7466.
Colour - coded Pressure Gauge to indicate safe and danger
Autoclave Aluminium Portable, Laboratory Autoclaves, Surgical Autoclave Equipment, Medical Autoclave Exports, Pressure Autoclaves Equipment, Portable Autoclaves Supply, Portable Autoclave Manufacturer, India
Triple Protection From Over-Pressure -
Pressure Regulating Device.
Weight Type Safety Valve.
Gasket Release System.
Vacuum Release and Steam Release Valves made of very
  good quality for better durability.
Handles and Valve Knobs made of very durable, heat
  resistant & fine quality bakelite to avoid breakage.
ISI marked Heating Element made of heavy copper pipe and with better quality plating.
Heavy quality electrical accessories (3-Pin Top, Element Connector, Wires and Timer).
Inner Tripod Stand made of SS and with extra height.
Well designed, powder coated Outer Stand for better stability and attractive looks.
 SIZE ( Diameter x Height) -  12" x 9" ( Ht. = 7" body + 2 " lid)
 (approx.)    300 mm x 225 mm ( Ht. = 175 mm body + 50 mm lid)
 CAPACITY (Litres) (approx.) -  16 Ltrs.
 VARIANTS -  Electric, Non-Electric, Electric with Timer.


1 Spare Gasket.
2.5" Dial Pressure Gauge with pressure reading upto 30 psi.
10" x 3" Aluminium Container.


Individual packing in 7- Ply Corrugated Box made of heavy quality paper.
Box Dimension (approx.) -   16" x 16" x 14"
Packed Weight (approx.)
  Non-Electric Model -  9.6 KG.
  Electric Model -  9.4 KG.
Autoclaves Aluminium Portable, Surgical Autoclaves, Stainless Steel Autoclaves,
Autoclaves Portable Supply, Laboratory Autoclaves, Portable Lab Autoclaves, Hospital
Autoclave Supplier, Medical Autoclaves Exports, Surgical Autoclave Equipments, India




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